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Building and Facility Management Automation System

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The Major Building Maintenance Challenges:

How do we solve it?

We provide the best-in-class building management system with advanced engineering automation to control, monitor, and analyze all your fire alarm, electrical and mechanical appliances in one platform, one interface. All the electrical and mechanical equipment will be integrated and will work in a coordinated environment, eliminating the manual handling of them.

How BMS Works?

A Building Management System is a computer-based system installed in buildings to manage and monitor equipment such as air-conditioning, heating, fire alarm, ventilation, lighting, power systems, security devices, IoT sensors, energy and gas meters.
A BMS connects the HVAC and different building equipment to work as one integrated unit. Ideally, they should centralize operations and make data easier to visualize using a user interface or console.

Benefits of our BMS Solution

Mechanical/ Electrical Equipment's

Through our centralized automation system, we integrate all your interior and exterior building equipment such as:

Use Case

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